Photo’s from Year 6 Dinner

Hello Readers,

Here are some photos from our Year 6 Dinner, enjoy:

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Year 6 Party Refection

Hello Readers,

As you already know the last term we have been planning our dream Year 6 Dinner. On the 25/11/2014 we had our actual Year 6 Dinner the theme was disco/retro, we all had such a great time dancing. Our party planning was displayed at the dinner and all of the parents had a chance to  have a look at all of the amazing work we had done across the term.

Refection on the maths and party planning this term:

Over the term I think I was quite organised with getting in all of my blogposts and having all of the math components in on time. Some of the maths components challenged me to think out side of the box. I really liked how we got to design everything our way and we had a free way to design it with no people telling you how to do it.

Some difficulties included making sure when posting work that it did not have the school name on it as there were a few times where I had to change it really fast so nobody could see it. Another one of my difficulties that happened while doing the project was when it came round to doing the commenting each when some people had not put up last weeks post yet so sometimes I waited or I commented on another post.

My favourite part of the dream Year 6 party planning was designing our tables in sketch up and then printing then on the 3D printer. I found it very interesting to look at while it was printing and after as I still want to know how the printer does it so well.

Now its to to compare my dream Year 6 Dinner to the one that we had this week.

Positives about the Year 6 Dinner we had this week:

The DJ got us all really involved in everything and made us all have a great time.

The photo booth was good as we all got to have silly photos

The disk was good as we all got most peoples names on it so it is a good memento

The bracelet we had that had Year 6 2014 RC was so sentimental

The ice creams while we were dancing

The speeches from everyone were inspirational

Improvements to the Year 6 Dinner we had this week:

I think we needed a main course or for them to give us a few more finger foods

Not to take away our glasses while we were dancing as I really needed a drink

Maybe a bit more space when dancing with parents as it was a bit squashed.

I loved our Year 6 dinner and I really don’t know how my dinner would of gone compared to this as I haven’t had it.

Now thats a rap for this project

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The 14th Goldfish – Finished

Hello Readers,

You might not know but over the last term we have been reading “The 14th Goldfish”. I have thoroughly enjoyed this and I would definitely read another one of her books.

We had to answer some questions to answer, here they are:

What is the main theme of “The 14th Goldfish”?

I think the main theme of this book would be passion because throughout this book Ellie was finding her passion of science. It first started in chapter 8 when she was talking about science and then something shifted inside her. In carried on when she got a gift from grandpa which was a microscope and now she loves science. Melvin(grandfather) helped her find her passion which she was still finding when he wasn’t there, grandpa arrived and left when he needed to be. Passion is the main theme but there are also many other themes which include life, discovery, change and ‘Never give up’.

What is the message of the story?

I think the message of the story is believe in the possible not the impossible because in science you should believe in the possible and science was mentioned a lot in the story. Even on the front cover it got mentioned and I knew it had to do something with the book.
Another message could be nothing lasts forever and the circle of life this is representing that everyone should die as it is the circle of life, it is no point living longer then you should.

Which character did you relate to the most and why?

I think I relate to Ellie the most as she is an inquirer and I like to ask questions and have answers to most things as I like to know as I think asking and answering questions make you more knowledgeable. Ellie was finding and still is finding her passion, I think I am still finding my passion. Also Ellie like to stay back when people are having a fight I also don’t like getting involved with things.

Here is a picture of my groups planning for the theme:


Here is a picture of a goldfish:


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Decorations and Entertainment

Hello Readers,

This week as part of our party planning we had to organize our entertainment and decorations.

Here is what the entertainment will be:

Jukebox with Karaoke
Bubble Machine
Laser Machine
Fog Machine

The decorations are:

Arch Balloons
Disco Ball

Hope you all like the decorations and entertainment!!!

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Excel Mistake

Hello Readers,

I was just looking at my menu and I saw that I had left out the tea at the end, I did a quick bit of research and the tea bags for a set which would include 20 was $3.50. That means I need 9 of them to cater of everyone. Together it would then be $31.5. I still have $1003.25 left over, I will fix this up on my excel sheet on Monday.

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Hello Readers,

This weeks task is to make an invitation, as you know I have already made one. I wanted to make a different one so it matched my menu. Both my menu and now invitation are done by a typewriter app the the iPad. I hope you like the new invitation.

Here is the invitation, click on it to see it better:



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Party Planning on Excel

Hello Readers,

This week as part of our dream Year 6 party we had to put all of our costing on an excel spend sheet.

At first I found it very hard to get all of the formulas right and to get it all in the right line but in the end it worked out ok.

There was many valuable lessons that I learnt from excel that I will remember in later life. It taught me many formulas which includes: =TODAY() – for date and many more.

I will use excel in later life as I think it will be very good for costing things. I know my mum uses it in her work and she finds it very useful. I think it was a great thing to use as part of this task.

Here is some pictures of my excel spreadsheet:




Food and Drinks

Food and Drinks

With the left over money I would give it to a charity.

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Menu and Timetable

Hello Readers,

This is my menu that you would receive at the dinner table, click on it to see it better:


With the main and dessert menu it will go chicken then fish and so on and the same with dessert pie then fruit. You can swap your food with other people if you do want it. This way I do not have to over order food.

The costing for this will be done at school. I have looked up the costing, so I hope that I won’t go over.

Here is the timetable that I hope will not change:

Week 1 – Theme

Week 2 – Menu

Week 3 – Invitation

Week 4 – Entertainment and Decorations

Week 5 – Reflection

It does not matter if I have already done something I just do not want to be behind.

Till Next Time

Jeffrey Smart Artwork

Hello Readers,

This term in art our class have been working on trying to make our own Jeffrey Smart artwork. He uses a lot of architecture in his artwork and it looks amazing. His style of artwork is landscape painting which is most of the city.  He mostly works with oil, acrylic and watercolours.

First we had to take a photo of a place in our school that we can make into a Jeffrey Smart artwork. Then we put it into Photoshop and made it colourful. After doing this all of the artworks looked amazing.

Here are some of the artworks:


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Party Planning – Floorplan

Hello Readers,

As you know this term we are doing our end of Year 6 party planning. In maths this week we did a floor plan of the hall (where it will be).
I will have 18 circular tables each sitting 3 families. The 3 families would include 2 parents and 1 child.
Each table is 1.8m but including the chairs it would be 3m.

I have tried not to put the tables really close to the toilets or kitchen.

Here is a picture of the floor plan:

Bella Floorplan

Code for Floor plan:

Sparkly Floor – Dance Floor and Stage
Blue Circles – Tables and Chairs

There has been a change of schedule as last week I told you that in week 7 we would be doing the menu but now we have changed it to week 5. I will let you know more about the schedule in the next blog post.

Till Next Time